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Copying music from iPod to Pc is the feature we always miss when we use iTunes. Hopefully, there are many developers who have thought about it and there exist some programs that offer us that possibility.

In this case, Tansee iPod Transfer is a really good and simple application whose goal is to give us the possibility of copying our music from our iPod to any PC. By this way we will be able to share music with your friends with no problem.

Run Tansee Ipod Transfer and plug-in your iPod or your friend's one. You'll see the list of tracks appear on screen, then you only have to select the tracks you want to copy and right click on them, choose the option copy and choose the destination folder. That's all. In a matter of seconds you'll have the music copied in the selected folder.

It's very easy to use. Its interface is very simple, it doesn't feature lots and lots of buttons, just the necessary ones. If you want to share your iPod music, or you want to copy the music your friend has in its iPod, just plug-in the iPod, run Tansee iPod Transfer and copy tracks as if you were using a common removable HD.

The trial version only copies the first 5 tracks of the list.

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